In today's digital world, it's important to have video footage of your audition songs and monologues. Take your audition out of the audition room and put it online where you can submit a professional audition clip to casting directors, agents, and managers. Check out our work below in the videos below!



Adding a Slate Shot to your submission means casting offices will see your headshot before other actors who are submitting without one. This results in more auditions! Have more questions about slate shots? Watch the video below to see why a Slate Shot is so important!


Leave the College Pre-Screen anxiety behind, capture your best material on camera with ease, and set your sights on your dream school! 

Most of us imagine starting our journey to Broadway by entering our freshman year at one of the top college theatre programs, but before we get there we have to audition. And before we are able to audition, most schools require a College Pre-Screen Audition Video. Seems simple enough, until you realize that every school has different requirements and wants different things. Let us deal with the stress, so you can focus on perfecting your audition material and reaching your goals.